TCS CEO Implements Comprehensive Business Structure Revamp

TCS CEO Drives Major Organizational Restructuring: Business Groups Aligned with Industry Sectors and Geographies

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Under the dynamic leadership of K. Krithivasan, the newly appointed CEO and Managing Director of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India’s premier software services company, a significant overhaul of the company’s organizational structure has been initiated. The restructure, which commenced on 1st June, involves the creation of distinct business groups, each centered around specific industry sectors and geographic regions.

To enhance operational efficiency and cater to the diverse needs of clients, TCS has formed dedicated business groups in key sectors, including banking, financial, and insurance (BFSI); healthcare; retail and energy. These groups will be led by seasoned executives, assuming their roles on 1st August.

According to reliable sources citing an internal email circulated by Krithivasan, the new leaders for these business groups have been announced. Susheel Vasudevan will take charge of BFSI Americas, while Shankar NS will head BFSI UK, Europe, and Australia. Akhilesh Tiwari has been appointed to lead the communication, media, and information services division, and Debashis Ghosh will spearhead life sciences, healthcare, energy, resources, and utilities. Additionally, Anupam Singhal will be responsible for the manufacturing sector, Krishnan Ramanujam will oversee retail, CPG, travel, transportation, and hospitality, and V. Rajanna will take charge of technology, software, and services.

This strategic restructuring undertaken by TCS is expected to fortify its market position and further propel the company’s growth in a rapidly evolving business landscape. With K. Krithivasan at the helm, TCS is geared up for a new phase of innovative and agile operations, geared towards delivering exceptional value to its clients and stakeholders.

TCS Announces Key Leadership Appointments and Departures Amid Innovative Organizational Changes”

Under the visionary leadership of CEO and Managing Director, K. Krithivasan, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) continues to make strategic moves, reshaping its top management and adapting to the evolving business landscape.

Harrick Vin has been promoted to the coveted position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), showcasing the company’s commitment to driving technological advancements and innovation. Concurrently, Abhinav Kumar has been appointed as the interim Head of Marketing, taking charge of steering TCS’s marketing initiatives during this transition.

In a recent exchange filing, TCS also disclosed that Executive Vice President K. Ananth Krishnan will be stepping down from his senior management role after 31 July. Krishnan’s retirement is scheduled for October, marking the end of an illustrious career with the company.

Krithivasan’s strategic vision has led to the establishment of groundbreaking practices at TCS, with a strong focus on enterprise cognitive business operations and artificial intelligence cloud solutions. These forward-thinking approaches are designed to adapt to the changing business environment and cater to the evolving needs of clients.

This latest organizational restructuring comes as a part of TCS’s ongoing commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing client-centric services. Notably, the previous restructuring, spearheaded by former CEO and MD Rajesh Gopinathan in April 2022, involved dividing clients into distinctive business groups based on their journey or association with the company, rather than relying on traditional verticals and geographies. While this approach presented unique challenges for senior leaders and vertical heads, TCS remains committed to continuous improvement and adaptation.

With Krithivasan’s fresh perspective and innovative strategies, TCS is poised to leverage its expertise and technological prowess to maintain its position as a global leader in the ever-evolving IT industry. These transformative changes are expected to shape TCS’s trajectory positively and empower the company to deliver even greater value to its clients and stakeholders in the digital era.

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